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Choose better and decide differently

Practical training in democracy and political education

With our attitudes and principles, we are committed to a lively, change-friendly, emotion-integrating, courageous, honest and livable world. We all still have imprints of scarcity thinking, lone wolves, insecurities, top-down hierarchy and linear processes in our DNA. In order to train our behavior and our thinking towards a more co-creative, resilient, creative, equal and curious way, certain methods help us to transform behavioral patterns.

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Flow Game

A powerful question gives unexpected perspectives and scope.

Flow Game
Flow Game
A way to find clarity together


The Flow Game is a powerful tool for creating an interactive space for reflection, dialogue and action for groups, teams and individuals. Working through a game is a simple way to ground, strengthen, and bring clarity and flow to people, your life, your leadership, and your actions. The flow game is deceptively simple. Players are continually surprised at how it creates a supportive, challenging and unique opportunity to explore the present or future in an intuitive and insightful way.

A powerful question is a gateway to a new perspective. Are you ready for it?

More about the flow game


Establish constructive, functioning self-organization

Sociocracy – We govern together.


The sociocratic way of working preserves the dignity of the individual and the  collective. The circular structure is a possible answer to not only deal with diversity, but also to develop the potential that lies within it. By making decisions together by consensus, responsibility is distributed across several shoulders. This relieves pressure on individuals and promotes team culture. Sociocracy is an agile form of organization. Equivalence, transparency and feedback  are continuously cultivated through contemporary structures and communication methods.


The sociocratic circle method offers a wide range of options to enable meaningful participation in everyday work. This experience of collaboration affects the desire to work and the ability to work together.

As a certified sociocracy consultant, I support the application and introduction of sociocracy in companies, organizations and schools.


Focus on abundance: Bringing abundance principles from nature into project work of all kinds.

abundigai - Apfelbaum
abundigai – abundance principles from nature

Together with my partner in passion, Sarah Eisenman, we brought the abundigai principle into life.

In addition to all the agility, self-organization, transformation, we also want to focus on abundance. How often do you have the feeling that all the work is of no use, that you feel drained and exhausted. We want to get out of this hamster wheel! Start into project work that is worthwhile, that generates income and in which successes are celebrated and relaxation is part of the process.

With abundigai you bring abundance principles from nature into project work of all kinds. Nature has worked according to certain principles and cycles for thousands of years. This creates continuous abundance and powerful life. Let nature inspire you: Learn from these cycles of impact how you can plan, implement and carry on your projects in abundance.

abundigai = abundance + ikigai

What drives us:abundance– Abundance instead of lack.

For us, acting with an abundance mindset means assuming that value can be created without simultaneously creating scarcity elsewhere. This means prioritizing what has potential, not what is missing or too little.

What inspires us:ikigai –what it's worth for.

The term “Ikigai” comes from Japanese (生き甲斐) and translates roughly as “that which is worth living for”.

For us, projects are forges of value. By using our abundance tools, we turn them into projects worth working for.

abundigai in action.jpg
Art of Hosting
Art of Hosting

Use collective wisdom and the ability to organize groups

World Cafe.jpg
The Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting meaningful conversations



Art of Hosting is a highly efficient way to share collective wisdom and ability self-organization of groups of any size. The underlying assumption is that people use their energy and resources for what is most important to them - both in their professional and private lives. Building on this, Art of Hosting combines one series of powerful communication processes and invites people to get involved and take responsibility for upcoming challenges.

In order to start a participation process, many of the attitudes and formats of Art of Hosting are useful, if not essential. Employees experience again and again what swarm intelligence feels like when there is room for important conversations.

Internal or cross-industry“Project forging” or “Designs for Wiser Action” enable a participatory and sustainable type of project planning.

With the“Wicked Question Game” the question behind the question is found.

In the“World Café” An unlimited number of people come into conversation and diversity is created with a subsequent focus on the essentials of certain questions that concern the company.

Using a variety of formats, you are invited to share your own questions, views, experiences and perspectives and to listen to those of others.


Dynamic Facilitation

This type of moderation supports transformative and sustainable support

Groups in finding solutions.

Dynamic facilitation

Even problems or conflicts that seem insoluble lead to completely new paths.


Dynamic facilitation is one method, which supports small and medium-sized groups solutions to get to that often unexpected, amazingly creative or particularly sustainable and of transformative power for all those involved.

The Dynamic Facilitation moderator achieves this by creating a space of unconditional safety and appreciation for each participant. Through the attitude of deep interest in everything that needs to be expressed, as well as very focused listening, he or she inspires the whole group to listen attentively, enables the speaker to search deeper within themselves while speaking, and thereby awakens fullness Opportunities that lie hidden in the group.

Concerns, resistance and strong feelings that are otherwise often perceived as disruptive in group processes are valuable and welcome here. They often prove to be the decisive impetus for a viable solution.

In addition to the approachable attitude of the moderator, DF requires a simple and clear setting. This essentially consists of four topic headings under which all of the participants' contributions are recorded. This makes the group's process understandable and becomes a shared story and thus a further source of knowledge and growth.

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