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We humans know how to fly to the moon in a rocket. At the same time, we are not yet successful everywhere in realizing a good life for everyone on earth.

Support, relationship and a sense of belonging, as well as resilience and the constructive handling of crises are essential for psychosocial and physical health. From our point of view, this is the basis for a lively living, working and learning space. Contemporary structures and in-depth communication techniques enable more equality, security in emotional interaction with one another and promote creativity and innovation.


We accompany people in change and participation processes, on the way to more self-organization, agility and innovation and also in conflict situations. But also in the founding, the search for a vision, in the development of new teams and structures. From individual discussions to medium-term workshop support to long-term process support.

  • Establish a participatory leadership style

  • Improve meeting culture

  • Promote self-organization

  • Promote class community

  • Strengthen collaboration within the teaching staff

  • Accompany school development



soziokratische Klassensprecherwahl_Mittelschule

It is our specialty that we accompany both organizations and schools. This is how we build the bridge between the labor market and education. We succeed in teaching young people state-of-the-art methods, which are currently used in business, not only to get them excited about education, but also to prepare them for the job market.

At the same time, we have direct feedback for organizations about the skills and needs of the next generation of employees.
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