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Taking youth participation & active citizenship to a new level

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Sociocratic children, youth and neighborhood parliaments

a new system for an inclusive, active and connected neighborhood

The school system is at its limit. Multiple, complex challenges have been on our doorstep for a long time. Our demographics will change significantly over the next 20 years. Democracies are at risk. Wars, climate crisis, crisis of meaning. Politics alone cannot solve this.

A good, profound, scalable solution is needed!

And fortunately there is: sociocratic, inclusive neighborhood parliaments on three levels:

1. Children's parliaments for 6-18 year olds from a neighborhood

2. Youth parliaments for 18-25 year olds from a neighborhood

3. Neighborhood parliaments for everyone aged 25 and over from a neighborhood

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The next 5 years

Because I have not yet discovered anything smarter to establish active citizenship, youth empowerment, participatory leadership and humanity so profoundly, I am called upon to do my part to ensure that this movement comes to Europe sustainably.

The model - an overview


Neighborhood focus: The parliaments are not randomly elected or supra-regional, but are nevertheless voluntary. Children, young people and adults come together regularly in their neighborhood clusters. In this way, people who would otherwise be lost or who would not have access to participation are increasingly reached and integrated.


Subsidiary principle: Everyone holds a ministerial office, based on the SGDs. They discuss the problems and objectives in their immediate environment. The neighborhood groups solve problems themselves before interacting with local organizations and politicians.

Sociocratic Inspiration: Children, youth and adults learn and use elements from sociocracy, a governance method that enables deeper inclusion, equality and creativity.

Multi-level federation: These parliaments are structured similarly to our party system at the neighborhood, city, district, state, national, international and global levels.




The movement originated in India 20 years ago. The movement is now spreading to various parts of the world, empowering young people to make policy together and is recognized by the United Nations as the world's best child-led organization promoting children's rights.

Resources on the vision and successes of children's and neighborhood parliaments:


  • Original resources and background

  • Documentary film "Power to the children"

    • Streaming

  • Introduction to children's parliaments by Gnanaseker Danapal at the Sociocracy for all conference

  • Short video from trainer Joseph Ratinam's last trip to Europe in Switzerland

  • One of many success stories

  • Another success story

  • SONEC - Sociocratic Neighborhood Circles - Adaptation of the Indian model of neighborhood parliaments to the diverse European realities

  • FAQs about the children's parliaments & thoughts from participants in a workshop in Dornbirn 2019

We're going on tour!

Gnanaseker Dhanapal is 24. He is the first generation to have grown up with established children's and youth parliaments in his village since his youth. But not only that! Gnanaseker was elected as Deputy Prime Minister in India's National Children's Parliament in 2017. At 18, he was appointed global chair of the World Parliament of Children, where he advocated for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and promoted global peace. He is passionate about spreading his experiences and awareness of concepts such as sociocratic children's parliaments and "neighbour-cracy" worldwide as a trainer now.

In April and May we want to share the story of this movement to many people in order to start a joint learning journey to establish neighborhood parliaments in Europe in 2025.

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Dates 2024

Join us on an adventurous journey to make our future inclusive, co-creative and great!

Winterthur, CH
  • April 6 & 8, 2024

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Frankfurt, DE
Wiesbaden, DE
Berlin, DE
  • April 21 - 23, 2024

Leipzig, DE
  • April 24 - 26, 2024

Barcelona, ES
  • April 29th - May 1st: Host an event in Barcelona!
  • May 2, 2024 - Innovative Politics Award
  • May 3, 2024 - Democracy Brunch
  • May 3-5: Host an event in Barcelona!

Rotterdam, NL
  • May 7 - European Education Day
  • May 5-9: Host an event in the Netherlands!

Augsburg, DE
  • May 10, 2024
    • Details about the program - TBA

Freiburg, DE
  • 11. Mai 2024
    • Details zum Programm - TBA

Vorarlberg, Austria

Host an event in your region/organization!
  • May 17 - 26

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Thank you for our collaboration.

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