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Strengthen cooperation in the class and in the staff.


Choose better through divers decision-making methods and new skills

Practical training in democracy and political education

Rules are needed for everyday school life together. That is why politics also takes place in school. With small but effective changes this can be shaped in the interest of everyone. In addition, our students are the politicians of tomorrow. Experiencing participation affects both everyday school life and our future.

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By strengthening social, emotional and communicative skills, students experience how, on the one hand, their own contribution as an individual is important and, on the other hand, how the creative power of the community is an answer to dealing with today's demands. As a class, they recognize how much they can contribute collectively and in a self-organized manner to experience education as a valuable asset.


(Life) training for students as preparation for later professional life

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Health and vitality

Support, relationship and a sense of belonging, as well as resilience and the constructive handling of a crisis are essential for the psychosocial and physical health of students and teachers. From our point of view, this is the basis for a lively learning space.

Integrate life training into everyday school life

The high diversity of social classes, cultures and different impairments in the class group are major challenges. Often there is not enough time during lessons for this life training, which has a direct impact on everyday school life and on later social and professional life. Our workshops and accompaniments are offers that show how the students and their teachers at their school can integrate the handling of these dynamics in everyday school life.

Strengthening the class group

The way we work helps ensure that students and teachers experience the strength that is developed when everyone gets involved and shows themselves. You learn e.g. B. through a sociocratic choice of class representatives, empathic listening, consent decisions or systemic consensus for decisions in the class council, circle discussions, moderation methods for seemingly deadlocked situations, how they can resolve conflicts in harmony and build bridges in the event of division. As a result, creativity develops in finding solutions, self-esteem, the desire to help shape and mutual respect.


Pupils and teachers experience the power when everyone contributes and shows.

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for school classes and teachers

Our workshops for school classes

  • Practical democracy training – sociocratic class representative election
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  • Strengthen class community & learn self-organization

  • Participatory class budget - decide together about money (>> teaching material )

Our further training for teachers
  • Rank Dynamics in the Classroom: How to Stay in Your Alp ha Role

  • Classroom management: Welcome to the jungle - how to host many?

  • Student participation: basics and practical implementation

  • Level up Democracy: Conduct class representative elections in a sociocratic manner

have a look at the

The online guide to the open class representative election was created by Lisa Praeg from the Office for Collaboration Culture and partners. It is supported and financed by the European Union. The content of this website is based on the handbook “We choose!”, which was financed, created and published for the first time by the Days of Utopia association. The idea behind it is Lisa Praeg.

Our offers for school development:

  • Fair feedback – the sociocratic development discussion to develop potential

  • Interdisciplinary lessons: How do we organize ourselves as a team?

  • Pulling together: optimally networked internally and across schools

  • Successful team: Work easier with structure, effectiveness, psychological safety and reliability

  • Decide together: What is needed for successful self-organization?


Preservation of dignity, different perspectives, development of co-creative potential

Methoden Schule
State of the art methods in the classroom


In our support we incorporate methods that are currently used in business, as well as our experience in youth work and organizational consulting. In this way, we not only prepare young people for the job market, but also inspire them to self-organize and achieve shared goals within the class because the explanations do not remain abstract. The methods are used, for example, for the election of class representatives ( sociocratic election ) or the moderation of the class council through dynamic facilitation .

Get excited about education


In our workshops, students experience the preservation of human dignity, the equal value of different perspectives and the resulting possible development of co-creative potential. This experience increases their motivation for education and learning together. The basic mood that we perceive at the end of the workshops is the change from resignation to confidence.

Scientific support


There is increasing interest in scientifically supporting and researching the application and effects of these methods in everyday school life. We are always looking forward to interesting collaborations – please contact us!

We would also be happy to send you previously published works by email .


I was a bit skeptical at first. In the two days of the workshop, however, I got to know my class from completely different angles. During the workshop, all students got their place in conversation. Problems of the class community came to light. Despite the long homeschooling phases, your workshop brought a lot to the class community: The class learned how to come to a solution as a community. It has been shown that in the rest of the school year there were always situations that we were able to solve ourselves through the workshop.

- DI Christoph Weißenbach, head of the class

Rural school and education center for Vorarlberg

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Thank you for the cooperation.

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