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Activate the power and creativity of the many!

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Build skills and systems for inner development and active citizenship

with knowledge building and innovative methods

The world and we as humans are in constant change. This means that systems that shape our daily lives are also changing. In this transition from the old to the new, systems and structures that once worked are often no longer appropriate or effective - on both a personal and collective level.


We are invited to actively shape this change, both personally and as a society, in order to successfully meet these challenges and the associated opportunities instead of sinking into chaos.

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bold strategies

Finding access to ourselves and our collective potential, supported by new skills and methods.

Cultural change through new structures

We believe that each and every one of us has the potential to make a positive contribution and to develop solutions together for the challenges of our time. We also believe that contemporary methods help us as a society to develop our collective potential.

We need meeting spaces in which diversity is seen as an opportunity and we learn and, above all, experience together how we can shape the future.

What we need for this are new skills and methods to sense ourselves and our counterparts, to enter into essential and constructive conversations with each other and to take effective action together.

The attitude for good coexistence is in many of us, now we need new ways of dealing with each other in order to give these attitudes a structure in order to become visible and liveable!

How we are bold

With these offers we contribute to system and cultural change.

Angebote Schulen

We host this Workshop @ BNE Summer Academy

Workshops to learn new skills
  • Workshop series “Learning to Live Democracy” (3 modules á 3 hours)

The power of WE | The inner guidance | Be effective together

Participatory event design
  • Participation instead of just listening

Let's plan your upcoming event, conference, symposium together so that your participants can get as involved as possible and the swarm intelligence becomes visible.

  • Offer Wisdom Council guided

The flow game is a playful method to lead participants into an exploratory, in-depth dialogue on your event topic.

Download the flow game documentary on the topic of “Democracy” here

Sociocratic neighborhood parliaments
think big and ensure sustainable social innovation

I got to know the model of the sociocratic, neighborhood-oriented children and youth parliaments (SNCP) in 2017 and have not yet found anything comparable that addresses and establishes democracy education, youth participation, children's rights and active citizenship at such a deep level.


Together with Gnanaseker Dhanapal (22, from India, a young person who has been active in these parliaments since his youth), we will make this approach better known in Europe in April and May 2024 in order to find an alliance group that will work together Wants to learn and implement the facilitation and establishment of local SNCPs.

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Upcoming events


Together with Lisa Preg we organized and carried out the impulse day benevol 2023. We would like to thank Lisa for her extremely uncomplicated, targeted and technically competent cooperation. The demands on the conference were extremely high. Thanks to Lisa's expertise, we were able to present the complexity of the topics in a fresh and stimulating format and provide participants with specialist knowledge of volunteer work. The principle of co-creation was practiced both in the preparation and during the conference. The whole process was enormously enriching and inspiring for us. The numerous positive feedback from participants confirm that this event was a complete success!

Men Spadin, public relations benevol SG

Referenzen Schule

Thank you for our collaboration!

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