Open election in schools

Aktualisiert: 18. Sept. 2020

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Structures manifest the way we act. It is time to practice methods that embrace collaboration, creativity, transparency and equality.

The open election is one basic principle of the sociocratic circle method. With sociocracy people decide together so that everyone is heard and no one overruled.

Sociocracy is used by all kinds of organizations: small and medium sized companies, schools, hospitals, NGO´s and NPO´s, co-housing projects, ... the proof of practice exists.

For this reason a group of passionate pioneers of education and social change created a booklet as inspiration for the election process of the class representative in schools.

*Special thanks for your contribution and collaboration to, Barbara Strauch, Rita Mayrhofer and Ted J. Rau!*

Read it, spread it, use it!

We nominate! open election of the class
Download • 3.17MB

It is still an exciting pioneer field on how to practice sociocracy in school classes. Our initiative "Soziokratie macht Schule" is collecting best practice methods, facilitates schools and embraces the development of creating inspirational material for teachers to use it in their classroom.

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