Guideline for reaching aims in a collaboration

Aktualisiert: 6. Mai 2020

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In collaborations, we are often too fast in the doing-phase. However, taking some time to prepare the collaboration and the project gives a deeper understanding and collective responsibility of the whole process.

This is way I want to share some inspirations that could help for this step:

1. TAP - target achievement plan

Aim of the project What do we do it for? What do we want to achieve? What is our motivation? Input | Preparation 1. Who is the "client"? Who are we doing this for? 2. Do they know this already? Which talks and votes do we still need? 3. Do we still need an agreement before we start? Transformation | Realization 1. What can we prepare our project so that it succeeds in the best possible way? 2. What do we have to do in essence to achieve our objective? 3. Which key results do we want to achieve? Output | Follow-up 1. What must we finally do to complete the project? 2. Who do we have to and want to inform about the project? 3. What key results does the "client" want to achieve?